(Im)Perfect Iterations


Let 'Stalk about Celery

January 2021

Art by @deafwheeler

Celery Black.png

Let 'Stalk about that organic celery. It's better for your body, the soil and the ecosystem, and a couple holes will give your ants on a log some character while reminding you to flaunt your own (Im)Perfections. 


The Rose

February 2021

Art by @deafwheeler

Aphids - Larvae.png

Many believe that nothing says love like a red rose - Greek mythology maintains that red roses grew from the ground when Aphrodite's tears mixed with the blood of her beloved, Adonis. Look closer at the (Im)Perfect Iterations Rose and you'll find lady beetle larvae chomping on some pesky aphids. This rose goes out to all the ladybugs out there <3