Grasshoppers Landing is proud to support independent press and to co-sponsor On the Edge quarterly zine. The first issue has been published and will be available by print and snail mail only!! 

Those interested in contributing content can contact Clay at clayfenix21@gmail.com. 

Issue 1 now printed

"The edge represents the fringes of society. The interface. The delicate gray areas and loopholes. Those who peer towards society on the periphery. 

In ecosystems, apparently as the song by Top Johnny begs, The Edge is where the Action Is. Edge effects occur when two habitat types meet, mingle and dance and thus allow for more productivity and biodiversity. 

So there you have it.

Resilience? Capacity to adapt and respond to adversity. Let’s build it. Resistance? To social influence. . .think and feel for yourself. Regeneration? Community. The Forests. Mental Health. The Ocean. Intuition. Healthy Rivers. Vibrant, Environmentally Sustainable cities. . ."

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