Late Winter Updates


Everyone is coming out of hibernation here at Grasshoppers Landing. Black-capped chickadees and grey squirrels are especially active. . .not that they ever went away this winter.

It's the time of year when the roads are treacherous - the ice and snow melting causes a slushy and muddy softness that makes for tearing up the ol' dirt road. Then at night, this muddy slushy slurry refreezes creating a series of slick bumps and grooves. You really gotta commit to get the rear wheel drive farm truck up the hill!

The longer days and melting snow breath new life into the farm. It's almost time to shift gears from planning, organizing, and developing projects that manifest via "screen time" onto projects that move forward from time spent outdoors. Joy!

In the meantime, the v e r y f i r s t edition of the quarterly On the Edge zine drops in mid-March! We're so excited to be collaborating on this new underground publication focused on Resilience, Resistance, and Regeneration. It will be available via print only, through trade or snail mail. Those who opt for an annual subscription receive fun surprises with each edition! You can do this by clicking here. The money supports the postage and printing (on recycled paper of course), and any extra is graciously donated to Grasshopper Academy to support youth ecological literacy programming. The editor is looking for contributors to the Summer 2021 edition, folks who are interested can contact

That's all for now - gonna hit the trails while the sun sits high!

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